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Private Insurance

We are glad to assist you in obtaining the maximum benefit from your dental insurance plan. Once your coverage has been verified, we will accept assignment of payment from your insurance company. Most plans only cover a portion of the dental fee, which means you will be responsible for your deductible and the estimated co-payment. Your co-payment is expected to be paid at the time of treatment. For your convenience, our office will gladly process your insurance on your behalf, understanding that the agreement you have with your insurance company is between you and them. Therefore, you are responsible for any claims which remain outstanding after 60 days, and a finance charge will be applied to any balance due. Payment will be expected on any such claims, and no further attempt will be made by our office to collect from the insurance company in this event.
We would like to clearly identify the relationship among the three of us: you, your insurance company, and our office. The relationship between you and our office to provide dental services. There is no direct relationship between your insurance company and our office. Your insurance company has to answer to you and your employer, not our office. There is no way to know exactly what your insurance company will or will not pay. We attempt to estimate your coverage to the best of our knowledge. Insurance companies will give us a general description of benefits. Epping General Dentistry, has no control over terms of your contract, the method of reimbursement or this determination or your insurance benefits. As a courtesy to you, we will assist you to obtain your benefits from your insurance company.