Dental Dollars Referral Bonus

Dental Dollars Referral Bonus

 Refer a new patient*

you will earn $25 in DENTAL DOLLARS as well as the new patient earns $25 in DENTAL DOLLARS

at their first appointment for mentioning this program!

DENTAL DOLLARS can help reduce the cost associated with dental procedures or products we provide.

DENTAL DOLLARS is our own pay it forward program for the community.                     

For each new patient* you refer, you’ll receive $25 DENTAL DOLLARS as will the new patient*.

The DENTAL DOLLARS program is our way of thanking you for helping our practice grow. There is no limit to the number of DENTAL DOLLARS you can accumulate, and they never expire!


Your People” connect with “My People”

Win/Win for everyone

DENTAL DOLLARS can only be used on dental procedures, treatments or products we offer at  

EPPING GENERAL DENTISTRY. They will not be recognized or honored at any other dental office.

 DENTAL DOLLARS are not redeemable for cash and cannot be credited to a check, credit card or debit card.

*Excludes spouses and dependent family members. This applies to new patients joining our practice after 4/1/14.  You will not earn DENTAL DOLLARS for referring your spouse, child or other dependent.  Original patient which referred you may earn credit if your entire family joins the practice. This may be Subject to change at any time.




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